EGFRm Metastatic Non—Small Cell Lung Cancer


Expert Perspectives in EGFRm Metastatic Non–Small Cell Lung Cancer to Cover Key Topics in Non–Small Cell Lung Cancer Treatment

expert perspectives by Roy S. Herbst, MD, PhD; Bruce E. Johnson, MD; Mark G. Kris, MD

Expert Perspectives delivers health care providers with insights from key thought leaders on the latest advancements and current practices in medicine, in a concise and timely format. Expert Perspectives in EGFRm Metastatic Non–Small Cell Lung Cancer will feature community-selected experts and topics that we hope you will find of value in your clinical practice.




Expert Roundtables

  • Advances in Non–Small Cell Lung Cancer: Circulating Tumor DNA–Guided Therapy
  • Working Toward a Cure in Non–Small Cell Lung Cancer


Clinical Topic Updates

  • Developments in Targeted Therapy for Advanced Non–Small Cell Lung Cancer


Patient Care Perspectives

  • Reaching Brain Metastases in Patients With Non–Small Cell Lung Cancer
  • Smoking Status and Actionable Alterations in Younger Patients





Roy S. Herbst, MD, PhD

Deputy Director
Chief of Medical Oncology
Ensign Professor of Medicine
Yale Cancer Center
Smilow Cancer Hospital
Yale School of Medicine
New Haven, CT

Bruce E. Johnson, MD

Institute Physician
Dana-Farber Cancer Institute
Professor of Medicine
Harvard Medical School
Boston, MA

Mark G. Kris, MD

Attending Physician, Thoracic Oncology Service
William and Joy Ruane Chair in Thoracic Oncology
Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center*
Professor of Medicine
Weill Cornell Medical College
New York, NY